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Michelle Noblitt 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Training


 I specialize  in and only provide personal training for women, understanding our  unique perspectives and working to create permanent solutions and  lifestyle changes just for us.

Everybody goes through a time in their life when they just don't like their body. Everybody has also seen, heard or tried the latest greatest weight loss programs that promise to get you the results you want in only 2 weeks. As a personal trainer for women, I can tell you that those promises don't work!

As  a personal trainer for women in Colorado springs and a previous figure competitor, I understand completely that in this day and age we are all a  bit stressed by the mainstream images that are surrounding us. We also  strive to impress those that we love with confident, fit and healthy  bodies. The struggle is not just with the scale, we also have to master  the heart and mind so that we feel as good as we want to look. 

I have been in the fitness arena for 35 years and I have been located within Colorado springs training women since 1995. I hold a personal  training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), one of  the nation's leading fitness trainer certifications. My work as a  personal trainer leads me to constantly seek continuing education and  stay up on the latest in solid research and program development to  insure that I bring only the best to my clients.


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