My Philosophy

Personal  training is a way for individuals to understand good exercise techniques and programs. It is also a way to find out why exercise is vital to  creating and maintaining personal fitness and good health while  minimizing the risk of injury and wasted time on non-productive  programs.  We do not believe in fad techniques  or extreme programs. We do believe in tailoring, to each individual, a program that will produce  results. We stay abreast of the latest techniques that are based on results, proven safe, and tested and tried by the highest in the  profession in sports, fitness and health.

​Resistance  exercise is vital in creating and maintaining skeletal health and  balance while increasing metabolism and decreasing the effects of  ageing. Women, at times, are a bit reluctant to engage in such training  for fear of becoming too muscular. We promise this is not the case.  Women need to understand that building muscle will only enhance their  physique and that one would need to undertake, with great effort,  resistance exercise that is specific and ongoing, (literally years) to  become "bulky" in any sort of the manner. It is our intent to lose the  flabby arms, tighten up the abdominal muscles and firm the buttocks from  sagging a bit. I personally train to shape your body in a very feminine  and beautiful toned look.

Modern  science has begun to realize that maintaining muscle mass is important  to health as we age. We lose approximately 1/2 of a percent of our  muscle mass a year after age 30. With that muscle loss, is a  corresponding reduction in our metabolism, which is the ability to use  energy. We also understand that the core structure for our bodies, our  skeleton, decreases in density through the years which may make us prone  to injury. Weight bearing exercises stops, and even reverses this  process to an extent.

When  we incorporate good foundational resistance exercise, along with planned  and consistent cardio work and good nutrition, we achieve results.  Those results have a far greater chance at becoming lifestyles and  physiques to live by, and with for the rest of our life. We also become  more active and able to enjoy activities for a far greater time  throughout our lives.